You want professional results: unique, powerful graphics and passionate, compelling language. We deliver. Explore the samples below to get a feel for the quality of work we could do for your organization.


See what made Dan Radmacher an award-winning columnist. Browse five years of his Roanoke Times columns at this archive. Here are links to a few more recent samples from his post-newspaper career: Dan helped Earthjustice put together this gripping call-to-action on climate change and this blog post about EPA inaction on important air quality regulations. He wrote this interesting piece about ecotourism in southwest Virginia for The Appalachian Voice. He wrote a blog post for Appalachian Mountain Advocates about absentee ownership in Appalachia and how that has held back a troubled economy.


Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. An infographic can make a complex issue startlingly clear. A cartoon can pound a point home in a way mere words can’t begin to convey. And when visuals and words work together, every once in awhile, magic happens.

With this in mind, WritingLeft also features the services of Chris OBrion, a talented graphic artist, cartoonist and illustrator. His distinct cartoons can liven up any page, and he can also produce infographics, logos and many other visual elements that will help your message get noticed. Below are some samples of OBrion’s work.